Dream Keeper Pre-Order Gifts

The time has come!

Dream Keeper (Dark Dreamer, book 1) is up for pre-order!

Quick links, in case you need them:
Amazon   B&N   Kobo
I’ll update with the paperback link on the Parliament House website when I get it.

The pre-order gifts will extend to anyone who buys a paperback between 1/29/10 and 2/5/19 & follows the same method of claiming the prizes (see below).

Edit: After reading this blog post, I’m adding library requests as a valid way to receive the preorder gifts! (I don’t have a P.O. box here, so sadly can’t do the amazing postcard idea.) Just shoot me an email if you’ve requested your library to order Dream Keeper. 🙂

Now for the reason you’re here! GOODIES!


As my thank you for pre-ordering, you will receive:
1 Dream Keeper bookmark
3 Dream Keeper character cards
1 bottle of the Sandman’s sand (It’s glitter–please don’t put it in your eyes!)
1 packet of custom-made Sandman wax melts

(I know the bottle is empty right now but, once I open the glitter, it’s going to be everywhere. 🙂 Pretend for now & tune into my IG video of me filling them later.)

PLUS! All pre-orders will be entered to win the grand prize!
This includes:
All of the above prizes
1 pair of ‘Follow Your Dreams’ luggage tags
1 dream notebook
1 ceramic teardrop tart burner


To claim your prize, simply email me at amberrduell@gmail.com
1) Your mailing address (including your name) so I know where to ship everything
2) Proof of purchase (you can black out private info!)

Everything will be shipped on January 30, 2019–the day after Dream Keeper releases!


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