#WriteMentor Wishlist

Hey mentee hopefuls! I’m so glad you stopped by!

A little about me:
I’m a native New Yorker (not the city!) but am living in Mississippi as a military wife. And, yes, I’m melting. 😉 I have two little boys–6 and almost 5–and two kitties. Red Bull + Dr. Pepper is my lifeblood. My favorite Avenger is Loki (fight me) & I’m Team Darkling (I’ll die on this hill). I enjoy finding new adventures, but I’ll also be the crazy one dousing myself in bug spray beforehand.

If you still have any questions after reading this post, don’t hesitate to reach out! If you don’t feel comfortable asking on Twitter (@AmberR_Duell), you can email me at amberrduell@gmail.com

So–let’s move on to why you’re here!

My Wishlist!

Most importantly, I’m only mentoring YA. I’m not well-versed enough in MG to be the right mentor for it. There are two main things I’m hoping to see:

1) Dark, gritty fantasy!

I do enjoy a good lighthearted read sometimes, but my heart truly thrives on the darker stuff so that’s what I’m hoping to mentor.

The most important things to me are an amazing plot, fully realized characters, and a world that feels real (even if it isn’t). It’s so very hard to faze me so if you’re wondering if something in your manuscript is too dark, I want it. And, I know I said dark fantasy, but if it walks the line with horror, that’s cool too.

Any sort of fantasy creature is okay! (Yes, that includes vampires and the like. It will have to be a fresh story, but I won’t rule anything out just for having them.) I also love both high and low fantasy. Major bonus points if your manuscript has anti-heroes or love to hate/hate to love villains! Morally grey characters for the win!

2) Historical

Double those bonus points if it’s historical fantasy! (Let’s say the 1950s and before.) I have no real specifications for this one because I love it all! I get excited if I see something that even hints at there being a girl in a pretty dress inside the pages–not that the girl has to wear a dress but you get the idea. My preference in historical isn’t necessarily dark. If you have one that’s dark, I’d love to see it! But it’s less important here.

The only thing that is an absolute must-have in either category is romance. Your story doesn’t have to center on the romance and it doesn’t need to play a huge part, but I need a whiff of it. Give me a reason to ship your characters!

And, of course, I’m open to all diversity.


What can you expect from me as a mentor?

This is about you so I plan to tailor the experience to my mentee and what they’re comfortable with.  If you prefer a phone call over an email or working with a PDF instead of Word, I’m fine with it.

We’ll tackle the big picture things first and work our way down to line edits. You’ll receive a bunch of inline notes from me plus an initial edit letter. The number of times we’ll go over the manuscript will depend on how fast you work and how much work the manuscript needs, but plan on at least 2-3. I don’t expect my mentee to agree with every suggestion I make. This is your story! We’ll bounce ideas back and forth over the months until it’s something we’re both happy with.

And, of course, I’ll always be available to talk things through or cheer you on if you’re having a bad day. (I hope you like GIFs, just saying!)


Good luck!! I can’t wait to see your manuscripts! ❤



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