Who wants to play a game?

I do!

How about a round of Fate?!

You can print your own Fate dice and instructions here. If you don’t have a printer, you can still play! I’ll get to that in a minute. 😉


What is Fate?

In Fragile Chaos, Cassia and Theo meet over a dice game called Fate. Each side of the dice represents one of the six gods and goddesses. Whoever rolls the highest ‘fate’, wins.

Love trumps all, even death.

Death loses only to love.

War is able to beat a king and life.

King has the ability to decide if someone can keep their life.

Life, in all its fragility, is susceptible to them all.

Water is ever changing and earns the player another roll.


So, who’s ready to play?

Here’s what’s up.

I’m moving from Maine to Mississippi. My husband’s already there which means I get to make the drive alone with two small children and two cats. To make this journey a little more fun, I thought I would ask you guys to play with me!


How to play:

Start rolling! As the day goes on, keep challenging the reigning champ! I’m going to pop in during my pit stops. Whoever is winning at the time, gets to ask me a truth or dare*! If you tie on Love (the highest fate) with someone, keep rolling until one of you wins.

Remember to use #FCFATE !

Also, pictures are not required, but I would love to see if you do print out your own dice!

(*Dares have to be legal and manageable at interstate rest areas. I’ll eat a catsup packet or ask a stranger to play a round of Fate with me. Remember, I’ll have my kids with me so nothing super crazy.)

For those without a printer: To play, use a random number generator with numbers 1 through 6. The numbers will represent the following:

1 – Love, 2 – Death, 3 – War, 4 – King, 5 – Life, 6 – Water

The Schedule:

Warm up rounds!

May 26: The first leg of our trip is from Maine to New York where we will stay with family for 10 days before continuing on. That means the first round is this Friday!

June 2: This is my last Friday in NY for the foreseeable future. Let’s make it a fun one!

Between 1pm EST and 8pm EST, post which fate you rolled on Twitter under the hashtag #FCFate



June 5: GOODBYE NY! 😥 The road trip begins!

June 6: Sweet baby gophers, is this trip over yet?!

June 7: Fingers crossed I reach Mississippi today!

The game will run from 1pm-8pm EST each day.


Everyone that participates will get some Fragile Chaos swag! (You have to email me or I won’t know where to send it. AmberRDuell @ gmail . com)

For everyone that participates in the warm up rounds – you will be entered to win a paperback copy of Fragile Chaos to be sent on release day.

For everyone that participates in the real game – you will be entered to win a hardcover copy of Fragile Chaos to be sent on release day.

Winners will be chosen randomly from participants and both will be announced on 6/9.




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