Hey there!

So you’ve pre-ordered Fragile Chaos–Now it’s time to pick your thank you gift from me! (If you haven’t yet and want to, you can pre-order at the following: Amazon, B&N Nook, Kobo, Smashwords, Radiant Crown website.) (As paperback won’t be available to pre-order, this offer extends until July 18, 2017 for anyone that purchases a physical copy.)

If you pre-ordered the ebook, you’re already getting some awesome exclusive content including links to quizzes, character profiles, and a bonus Theo scene. But I want to give you a bit more to show my appreciation!

Everyone will receive swag including a post card with both maps, printed Fate dice, a signed bookplate, a bookmark, and a sketch of Cassia and Theo. (Note: The first 50 pre-orders will receive a metal hook bookmark. After that, they will be cardstock.) All swag will be mailed out on release day (July 11, 2017).

Prize Pack #1: READER – If you choose this prize, you will immediately receive a bonus Cassia scene as a PDF.

Prize Pack #2: WRITER – If you choose this prize, you will receive either a query letter or first page (~250 word) critique. Your choice! It’s fine if you’re not ready now-this won’t expire-but let me know so I can mark you down.

Ready to claim your prize?

If you ordered from the Radiant Crown Publishing website, I’ll email you asking which pack you would like and where you would like the swag sent to in July.

If you pre-ordered from anywhere else, send proof of purchase (a screen shot of your confirmation will do!) to AmberRDuell @ gmail (dot) com. Please put ‘Pre-order Prize’ followed by your choice in the subject line. (example: Pre-order Prize READER) Make sure to include the address you want your swag sent to!

And THANK YOU again!! ❤









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