World of Huvaria Map Reveal: Week #6

The world of Fragile Chaos is slowly being revealed in bi-weekly posts! Please join me during the series to learn more about Cassia’s world, and get a new glimpse of the map! A reveal of the entire map is planned for December 17, 2016.


Week 6: Volkana

Population: 289,742,000
Language: Volk
Symbol: Four squares: top left and bottom right—red, top right—white, bottom left—black
Volkana had long owned the entire south-western continent. Boasting multiple landscapes from mountains to deserts to grassland, they preferred to be self-sustaining instead of relying on imports. On the other hand, iron mined from the mountains, multiple oil lines throughout country, and being a front-runner in technology had kept Volkana one of the richest countries in the world.

Unfortunately, the Volk Princeps kept taxes so high the citizens couldn’t afford much more than the necessities. They lived mainly on hearty stews, and dense bread. Few homes were owned by private citizens, and nearly half of a farmer’s crop was claimed for the government employees upon harvest. With a formidable military presence in nearly every city, any hint of a rebellion was crushed before it began, securing the authoritarian regime.

The corruption in the government only spread over the centuries. Once the International Committee of Warfare was created, Volkana was forced to step back from their aggressive movements. Instead, they had to resort to scheming so any invasion appeared to be defensive measures. No new lands had been conquered in nearly two hundred years. In fact, eastern commonwealths had reclaimed their independence, leaving Volkana without a foothold on the other side of the world. But the current Princeps was determined to leave behind a legacy. When the opportunity arose to return Volkana to its former glory days, they wasted no time laying down the foundation for a hostile advance.

Population: 356,129

Covering a low-peaked mountain on a Volk peninsula was the city of Ubrar. Government buildings stood above the seedy city, each district becoming more squalid as they spread down the windy, cool mountainside. While it had been considered the capital city since the early days, the high crime rate drove the regime to conduct official business in a safer locale. The state buildings were now used solely for hosting foreign diplomats. Shut off from the rest of the city by a dense pine forest, the truth of the city could be safely hidden for short visits. To avoid exposing foreign leaders to dirty streets, crumbling buildings, and a growing mafia, they were brought to a secure location on helicopters from a nearby airport.

For Ubrar’s citizens and common visitors, there was only one way in and out of the city—a winding road that passed through the surrounding mountain range, before reaching a deep gorge. A suspension bridge brought drivers straight into the outer limits where crime was the worst.

While Ubrar used the limited access through the mountains as a natural defense, the city also housed a military garrison of thirty thousand men and women. The military presence helped keep organized crime to a minimum in the past, but in recent decades, the leaders became embroiled in the corruption around them. Ubrar quickly became a city rife with drugs, prostitution, and violence. When the Princeps ruled to cut back the city’s funding to finance the war, and began recruiting the most educated citizens, matters only got worse.

Check back on December 17th for the seventh map fragment!

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