World of Huvaria Map Reveal: Week #5

The world of Fragile Chaos is slowly being revealed in bi-weekly posts! Please join me during the series to learn more about Cassia’s world, and get a new glimpse of the map! A reveal of the entire map is planned for December 17, 2016.


Week 5: Asgya

Population: 213,998,000
Language: Asgyan
Symbol: A blue circle with a red triangle in the center

Twelve hundred years ago, before Asgya was a country, the land was conquered by men from the north. Their campaigns continued for another five hundred years before the northern continent was divided equally among the king’s four sons to avoid a civil war. Asgya was given to the youngest son, and slowly drifted away from the gods. A majority of the country turned toward monotheism over the last two centuries, and more recently, they began to make reparations to the people they conquered. Unfortunately, the war brought all efforts to a halt.

Known for their rich, fertile soil, the Asgyan economy relied heavily on agriculture. The mild climate and sprawling plains suited a variety of fruits and vegetables. Grassy hills fed an abundance of livestock while miles of coast along the Bluohm Sea served dozens of fishing villages.

With such an overflow of resources, the Asgyans weren’t used to using them conservatively. There were few reserves to fall back on when the crops suddenly failed. Livestock withered as the grasslands became barren. The famine left the country with little to feed their people, let alone export.

When greenhouses failed to produce a single seedling, many turned to their long tradition of music and art to keep up morale, but even the most inspiring ballad couldn’t combat their aching stomachs. The Asgyan king soon had to swallow his pride, and reach out to uncertain allies to survive.

Check back in 2 weeks for the sixth map fragment!

Also, there are two giveaways going on throughout the series:

  1. Twitter – Retweet any of the map reveals I tweet for a chance to win an exclusive Huvaria notebook and a printout of the game Fate (a dice game played by the characters in Fragile Chaos).
  2. Facebook – Share any of the map reveals I post for a chance to win a printout of the game of Fate.

Winners for both contests will be chosen 12/20/16. Good luck!

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