World of Huvaria Map Reveal: Week #4

The world of Fragile Chaos is slowly being revealed in bi-weekly posts! Please join me during the series to learn more about Cassia’s world, and get a new glimpse of the map! A reveal of the entire map is planned for December 17, 2016.



Week 3: Shadow Cove

Shadow Cove
Population: 73,284

Three decades ago, Shadow Cove in south-western Asgya was little more than a fishing spot for a nearby town. Then a famous pirate and his crew claimed it as their own. A watch tower was erected first on the highest strip land, followed by a dozen buildings held off the ground with stilts to protect them against high tide. Steep cliffs with hanging vegetation cut the cove off from the mainland. Water stagnated around the base all year, but the cove quickly became the largest pirate town in the west.

As the population grew, care of the homes became nearly impossible to maintain. The cove only grew larger when the granddaughter of the founding pirate inherited her legacy. With twenty-three fleets owing her their allegiance, and thirty ships under her direct control, business boomed. Men and women came from all over the world to join one of the formidable crews. Some returned home years later, having made themselves rich. Others loved the lifestyle and their comrades more than they hated the stench of overcrowding, and made Shadow Cove their permanent home.

The larger the crews grew, the more the nearby populous complained. As a solution, the granddaughter ordered no one in the Bluohm Sea to be harassed so the locals wouldn’t pressure the government to step in. The order worked—port cities learned to coexist with Shadow Cove, and tradesmen sailed around the Kisken islands to avoid potential contact. The Asgyan Navy understood the amount of weaponry both the pirates’ modern brigantines and frigates held, so as long as the pirates limited their activities in international waters, they were left alone.

Check back in two weeks for the fifth map fragment!

Also, there are two giveaways going on throughout the series:

  1. Twitter – Retweet any of the map reveals I tweet for a chance to win an exclusive Huvaria notebook and a printout of the game Fate (a dice game played by the characters in Fragile Chaos).
  2. Facebook – Share any of the map reveals I post for a chance to win a printout of the game of Fate.

Winners for both contests will be chosen 12/20/16. Good luck!

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