The world of Fragile Chaos is slowly being revealed in bi-weekly posts! Please join me during the series to learn more about Cassia’s world, and get a new glimpse of the map! A reveal of the entire map is planned for December 17, 2016.


Week 3: Bluohm Sea

The Bluohm Sea was famous for the legend of the Pamurine—an enormous horned serpent with fanned gills, and a penchant for dragging down ships that sailed near the caves on the rocky Volk shore. Despite the old stories, visitors and locals alike carried no fear of the fabled sea monster.

Cruise ships brought tourists by the hundreds to Kisken and Asgyan shores. There, they could snorkel through the cool blue water, and view an assortment of colorful sea life. Whale watches set out each afternoon, and guided scuba tours took a daily trip to ancient ship wrecks. Old statues, now covered in barnacles and sponges, rested on the seabed in deeper areas. For those that wanted to stay closer to the pristine beaches, jet skiing and surfing were a popular past time.

While cyclones were rare, they did occasionally hit certain parts of the sea. More often, tectonic plates beneath the sea caused low-level tremors with little damage. Infrequently, high magnitude earthquakes would hit the region, resulting in devastating tsunamis.

With Bluohm Sea standing between Volkana and Asgya, the war quickly turned the waterway into a battlefield with Kisk at its center. The ocean fed into the sea in the west, and exited again to the south through a narrow straight, making it one of the largest trade routes in existence. Business quickly reduced with the increased number of warships, though, and sailing around either country added weeks to a journey. With few eastern imports coming in, and no exports going out, all economies took a hit. As the war continued, trade shut down completely.

Check back on November 12th for the fourth map fragment!

Also, there are two giveaways going on throughout the series:

  1. Twitter – Retweet any of the map reveals I tweet for a chance to win an exclusive Huvaria notebook and a printout of the game Fate (a dice game played by the characters in Fragile Chaos).
  2. Facebook – Share any of the map reveals I post for a chance to win a printout of the game of Fate.

Winners for both contests will be chosen 12/20/16. Good luck!

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