World of Huvaria Map Reveal: Week #2

The world of Fragile Chaos is slowly being revealed in bi-weekly posts! Please join me during the series to learn more about Cassia’s world, and get a new glimpse of the map! A reveal of the entire map is planned for December 17, 2016.


Week 2: Gull Island
Population – 1,038

Gull Island, a 200-square-foot Kisken island, was home to 302 families. The entire island was used for agricultural purposes—mainly dairy farms, and regional crops. A portion of land was sold to beekeepers from the smaller Kisken islands, and seeded with wild flowers. With honey being the largest export before the war, they were having a hard time keeping up with supply and demand.

With so few children on Gull Island, they were either home schooled or sent to a boarding school on the main island during the week. Those that stayed home were also expected to help their parents around the farm. Those that attended the mainland school returned every weekend to do the same.

Most travel back and forth from Gull Island to Kisk was done with individual motorboats, but a small ferry made round trips twice a day. If there was room, small cargo ships transporting produce allowed a limited number of passengers to catch a ride. Few stores were scattered across the small island with every day necessities, but trips to the mainland were a must for any large purchases. One doctor’s office served all of Gull Island, restricting their cases to emergencies.

Despite the wide berth the pirates of Shadow Cove gave the island, a small unit of soldiers were stationed along the eastern border to ease fears. Once the war began, the soldiers were able to evacuate the entire population to the main island on an empty cargo ship without a single casualty.

Check back on October 29 for the third map fragment!

Also, there are two giveaways going on throughout the series:

  1. Twitter – Retweet any of the map reveals I tweet for a chance to win an exclusive Huvaria notebook and a printout of the game Fate (a dice game played by the characters in Fragile Chaos).
  2. Facebook – Share any of the map reveals I post for a chance to win a printout of the game of Fate.

Winners for both contests will be chosen 12/20/16. Good luck!

In case you missed it:
Week 1 – Kisk & Temple of War


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